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Wedding ☆ possible at our shop 55

Wedding ☆ possible at our shop 55

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※ Because items may be charged separately, please do not hesitate to contact us

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If you do a wedding ceremony in Utsunomiya (second party) Vogue`s @ Inter Park decided ♪ We will introduce some overwhelming support system of our shop!


1. Virgin road available

2. Taking pictures with everyone using the outside stairs

3. Bouquetos OK from the second floor outside ※ Bouquet bring-up OK or can be prepared separately

4. Broccoli toss from outside 2nd floor OK ※ extra charge

5. Private room can be used as kids room ※ Depending on the number of participants, if private room is available as kids room

6. Chef special order made course possible

7. Cosplay Coc Court Lending! Surprise Directed!

8. Takasago prepared for the bride and groom

9. Desert buffet available * Available separately

10. Gifts for entertainment! Gifts for meals available at our shop! * Over 1000 yen worth gifts for over 50 people

11. Chair for children prepared ※ 2 bambo

12. Prepare dishes for children

13.Wedding charter br The groom and groom 2 people free * There are person number regulations.

14.1.5 You can also reserve the next meeting.

15.Use of balloons! ※ extra charge

16. Arranging the bus * Additional charge

17. Large monitor use! There are two in all, one on each floor

18. Mike use!

19. Digital Bingo Machine

20. Cheki Body Lending

21. ipod connectable 22. Safe loan

23. Computer Lending!

24. In-store decoration free ※ Pushpin is NG

25. Lending of writing utensils

26. Reception counter

27. Premium deposit from previous day

28. Lending room changing room

29. Advance payment 0 yen

30. Voucher private guarantee fee 0 yen

31. A firm meeting

32. Food and beverage charge at the time of preview 20% off

33. Private charter regardless of business hours ok

34. Bride and groom dining plate

35. I can feed my favorite BGM.CD ipod smartphone

36. Welcome board Please bring in OK

37. Welcome board stand rent

38. Venue usage fee extension 30 minutes 500 yen at OK

39. Whatever you do basically ok

40. DJ set loan

41. Entry endrol music use

42. Main floor use

43. Main floor bar counter use

44. Beer server rental

45. Acoustic equipment 46. Arrangement of flower arrangements * Separate fee

47. Wedding cake ※ Separate fee

48. Champagne tower installation * Separate fee

49. Smoke 50. Taxi arrangement 51. Agency car arrangement

52. Table layout freedom (possible range)

53. Exchange 54. Prepare Cake Sword Knife Prepare a video of PC ipad iphone to a 55.50 inch large monitor.

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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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